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Hadoop Hindsight #2 Keep it simple: more than likely someone else has encountered your problem.

An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered. -G.K. Chesterton Sometimes our ego gets the best of us.  This seems to occur more often in Hadoop than anywhere else I’ve worked.  I’m not … Continue reading

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Consuming JSON Strings in SQL Server

This article describes a TSQL JSON parser and its evil twin, a JSON outputter, and provides the source. It is also designed to illustrate a number of string manipulation techniques in TSQL. With it you can do things like this … Continue reading

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Hadoop and the honeycomb

I love the kind of honey where they leave a piece of the honeycomb in the jar.  Its great to chew on when you’ve used up all the honey.  Reminds me of this big old oak tree we used to … Continue reading

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Hadoop Hindsight #1 Start Small

I thought we would start a weekly series on some lessons we’ve learned.  Many of the topics we’ve learned the hard way so we thought it might be helpful for those a few steps behind us.  YMMV, but we wish … Continue reading

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Interview Questions for Hadoop Developers

Interview Questions for Hadoop Developers (via Dice News in Tech) Hadoop is an open distributed software framework that enables programmers to run an enormous number of nodes handling terabytes of data. One of its most significant abilities is allowing a … Continue reading

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The 3 Pillars of Data Democracy

In order to promote the use of data within the enterprise, we need to provide a collaborative environment which gives people the freedom and incentive to try new things.  This gives everyone the chance to prove great ideas, or at … Continue reading

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Why Enterprise Hadoop jobs will not require Java skills in 3-5 years.

In the late 1979, RSI’s Oracle version 2 ran on Digital’s VAX minicomputers (32bit AND virtual memory!). If you were proficient with the first commercial RDBMS, you had to posses mad Macro-11 or PL-11 (the high level version) skills to … Continue reading

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Hortonworks HDP 1.3 released

HDP 1.3 was released today. This milestone release takes advantage of improved performance in Hive 0.11 along with delivery on a series of enterprise requirements including NFS access to HDFS, improved MTTR for HBase, business continuity through HDFS and HBase … Continue reading

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Why Enterprise Hadoop is different than Web Hadoop.

Bringing the power of Hadoop to the enterprise is a tricky matter.  While we all know the wonderful virtues of distributed storage and compute and how it’s solving Big Data problems in the web world, it is entirely a different … Continue reading

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Video of the day – Chris Farley explains Hadoop exuberance

Today let us consider the great philosophy of the late Chris Farley.  Now replace the words sale with Hadoop project.  Viola!  A typical enterprise architect! Go joe-joe!  Well Farley gets it right in the end so perhaps there’s hope.

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