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I’m an Amazon whore. My account was created in 1997, when they were a book store. I got a pre-GA Alexa invitation. I still order most of my consumables from Amazon. They are, IMHO, in decline as a whole.

Alexa used to be smart, fun and sometimes funny. Now, she’s irritating and stupid. I went from 7 Alexa devices to 1. One that I don’t use. At all. And I don’t miss it. I’m sure there are plenty of examples on the webs (sic) to support this assertion., is surprisingly, shockingly not interested in what you think about the site. (I might be persuaded to believe they rely on “other metrics” to determine customer satisfaction, but…) There is no way to leave feedback on your searching/shopping experience. Their search engine sucks ass. Search for 2GB SSD M2 and see all of the results for 512MB, 1GB, etc. Seriously? Did you not pay your ElasticSearch bill?

Worse, and this is the thing that pushed me over the edge, this time, is: Subscribe and Save. I have Toilet paper on S&S. It’s a long gap, because I’m a single dude. I noticed that I need another shipment (I refrained from that pun) but there in no process to say, “Hey, instead of August, I need it next week!”

I also don’t have a way to opt out of that stupid ass QVP/Shopping Network style video that auto plays when I click on todays deals. I fucking hate that shit with mad passion.

I admit I’m part of the problem, because I still buy from them. A lot; probably too much.

Elon Musk please go kick Bezos in the balls and tell him to fix this shit. He’s an embarrassment to the “Billionaire Boys Club.” IMHO.

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