That time I lost all of my code

Just prior to my time at my second start up, I was a Network Admin (Network 386) for a small plastics company. I’d leave that job and work with Gary and Phil for a few hours most evenings. I was also “working” at a PC Store selling and repairing PC’s. This is where I had access to the BigMouth and SatisFAXtion boards. They were in a demo computer at the shop.

I fully developed the phone to fax solution on this system and we coordinated demos to potential investors on the same PC.

One day I got a call that said we had a Demo on Monday morning and please make sure things are working as expected. I went to the store and discovered that they system had been sold. With my code on it.

I called Phil and explained the situation. I had a PC we could use so he bought the BigMouth and Fax card and asked me to meet him in the office Sat. morning. For the next 14 hours I rewrote my entire code base, including re-recording all of the voice prompts, re-creating the templates and reloading all of the data. Phil kept the coffee and pizza coming and by the end of the night we had a new working demo.

It was interesting to re-learn some of the things I had to learn while developing it the first time around. One that I still remember is that the BigMouth library return 65535 for a certain error code, but the var type Pascal used thought it was -1.

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