Dear HBO and Prime Video

Please quite trying to piss on each other shoes. aka GROW THE FUCK UP..

You both have loyal audiences and sometimes they converge. HBO, you have some of the content I’m willing to pay 15/month for. Amazon has a Cube TV that’s my jam. Much like the “anti pretty phone” ask. Please stop being dicks to each other.

Jeff Bezos; you had a lot of great vision and built a pretty cool cloud. You don’t have all the contents.

HBO; the world would survive and thrive if you never existed. That being said; you have some cool content and pretty big streaming rights.

Please see sense. Find a number that’s greater than zero and get this done.

I can bootleg everything in both of your arsenals; I choose to pay both of you because it’s less effort. Don’t fuck this up.

Grease Monkey ~~ GM

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Computer nerd since the 80's. Data nerd since the 90's. Generic nerd for a lifetime.
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