WTF MA-TV on Streaming?

Sure, I get it; it’s about to get weird on your TV Screen. We need to warn you .

Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and every other “streaming” service is a technology company. (Are technology companies?… Don’t care. English is a pain in the ass; specifically mine).

Given their technological prowess, do you think it’s possible they have a cookie (or 435,234 super cookies) set that can allow me to accept TV-MA and stop wasting 5 seconds of my life?

Better! Could they not realize I skip EVERY FUCKING CREDIT and 99% of recaps? Wouldn’t that be nice?

It’s not rocket surgery; my viewing style is binge TV and skip everything that is not the story.

Sorry “Hollywood” you think we care who you are; we just want to be entertained and do not fucking care who you are. IMHO.

Grease Monkey ~~ GM

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