When did the children take over?

The title is a little click batit-y, but only a little

I started this post as a lament against stupid technology, like systemd and vagrant/containers. Who promised you a pristine world to develop your own special whatever?! Why can’t you learn to play with others?

It turns out, this is not a new phenonymom. (spelled that right first try) An appendix in (1990’s) MS Press “Code Complete” discusses this a bit. It’s not a new concept. People laud you with praise and you really do think you’re the smartest person in the room. ANY room. And you’re ALWAYS wrong!

Sorry, no trophy for you.

I was very happy to build a Linux platform at a large enterprise. It was almost entirely a “green field.” I fully relied on greater minds to design it. Configuration management, change management, build config files, centralized ID management, scheduled updates, monitoring, IP management, naming standards, etc. etc. etc. I didn’t develop it, I just implemented it. It’s called standing on the shoulders of giants, learning from older wisdom or applying common knowledge.

Trophy for me! 9 months in to this under funded, designed to fail platform, we are the standard for all applications moving forward. You needed to present before an executive committee if you wanted an app that couldn’t run on Linux. I am not the smartest guy in the room. (unless I’m alone, then I’m also the stupidest)

How does this come back to systemd and containers? The children who failed to understand the basic concepts of systems and system administration whined and cried about things like:
– This library is 30 minutes out of date
– I don’t like this versions of glibc
– Why can’t this start automatically when I plug in a USB device
These are the same people that rely on other peoples repos for their own daily builds. Cautionary tale: a large network gear company had a platform the stopped being buildable because an unsupported library stopped paying for it’s domain name. (facepalm) We had to buy a domain name to get access to the library again. I then proceeded to replicate the junk and mandate local repos for all builds. I would have done this sooner if I’d known it wasn’t already happening.

How does all of this ramble relate to children running things? Fucking containers! They are stupid for 90% of applications and the world is flocking to K8s like their pants are on fire! I actually don’t like containers at all, but I can tolerate them for some very specific use cases.

I hear you crying about scalability, flexibility and wanting your own oompa-loompa. It’s the same argument you had against mainframe admins asking you about resource usage.

So the children started running things in the 70’s. They’re still children who lack understanding of greater things. They’re still getting participation trophies and they’re still mostly wrong.

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