If you need to watch “your” people work, you’ve failed.

Remote workers are not a new concept. According to every news outlet this is the first time in history people have “had” to work from home.

Let that sink in… had to work from home?

I thrive on it! I get to do things that profit my business and I don’t commute. Less CO2 for the universe..yay. Whatever.. I have a car that will resell for +10% because of lower miles.

Back to the point. I used to work for a regional bank. My job was in jeopardy because I wouldn’t move to another city where the new boss lived. He wanted to be able to walk out of his office and literally see his employees! That meant everyone in one city, one building and under his eye. Megalomaniac aside, who in the fuck let this concept happen?! He was 4 levels down (at least) from C Suite. And what fucking C level would pull this shit?

I took the payoff. Got re-hired by the same bank, because I had an awesome boss* who knew how to transit the corp BS and maintain levels. Hilarity ensued and we grew older. The point of the story is:

Why do businesses allow bad actors to thrive? Knee jerk reaction is profit! FTW! Sadly, I think it’s more about fear and self preservation. We’re afraid to call someone out in the corporate would. … Because they might have connections, be protected or whatever.

I feel like I’m speaking out of both sides of my mouth with that last bit. I’ve always been a “just do your job very well and be rewarded” kind of guy. After 35+ years of IT, I regret this is not always true. That’s not to say I eschew capitalism, it just means I didn’t know terrile people could be so smart.

My bad. I apparently forgot everything I know about human behavior.

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