Intuition about Chromecast

I bought a Google Chromecast device. It was really cheap ($35+tax) and I’m a whore for media casting devices.

When I “flick” tablet video’s to Chromecast, I notice something interesting. I see the display of Chromecast ponder what I’ve sent it. Then I see my table seemingly release the content. Yes, significant controls still run on the tab, but I “Feel like” the chromecast device has taken over playback and is now merely listening for “remote control” codes from the tab.

This feeling may be 100% wrong. It is based on my experiences with using VLC Player on a TV Display device along with VLC remote on android.

No opinions have been confirmed as fact. I’m only thinking this based on 30 years of IT experience. YMMV, IANAL. 😉

Internet Meme’s will eventually become Skynet IMHO. The Rick-rolled Chuck Norris Meme’s are our only defense.

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