Monthly Archives: February 2013

Traditional Vendors Don’t “Get” Hadoop

Traditional Vendors Don’t Get Hadoop The Big Data Hype cycle is in full swing and I’m continuously hounded by vendors claiming to have an offering that works with Big Data.  The problem is most of the vendors simply don’t get … Continue reading

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Rack Awareness can be stale

Rack Topology/Awareness is very cool.  I’m a little disappointed that you can’t ever update it without taking down NameNode Services. We’re using DHCP for DataNodes and sometimes they change IP Addresses.  Unless the NameNode has been recycled, it won’t re-evaluate … Continue reading

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10 days in….

After working thru the various hardware and NAS issues, I started building the Dev cluster in earnest late last week.  I lost a day and half this week with corp. silliness.  By the end of Wednesday I had a 3 … Continue reading

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