Starting to get excited.

Hardware is arriving soon.  Network infrastructure will be in  place soon.  We’re working with “cool” open source projects.  We got the money.  It’s happening soon.

My big part in all of this is making the base platform work so freaking well that no one knows it’s there.  Small challenge in that.

Cool Open Source in this case is oneSIS.  It’s a system that allows you to create a boot image and share it among all of your cluster nodes. (Data Nodes, in this case)

We have some “secret sauce” in the way we manage these nodes, but at least a few leading edge Hadoop clusters are using this cool technology.

Google fail.  Sorry, the Googles wants to point you to onsie’s for babies.  I’m talking about oneSIS, the cool OSS project. 🙂

Sorry Josh if we bury your site… cool stuff. 🙂

Grease Monkey ~~ GM

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