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Even with all of its Hadoop goodness…

Hardware can still suck.  We took a paper bicycle approach to hardware because the real value of Hadoop is in the software. Crappy hardware is always a burden.  It’s the little things.  I just want a RAID controller that works … Continue reading

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Why Enterprise Hadoop is different than Web Hadoop.

Bringing the power of Hadoop to the enterprise is a tricky matter.  While we all know the wonderful virtues of distributed storage and compute and how it’s solving Big Data problems in the web world, it is entirely a different … Continue reading

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Video of the day – Chris Farley explains Hadoop exuberance

Today let us consider the great philosophy of the late Chris Farley.  Now replace the words sale with Hadoop project.  Viola!  A typical enterprise architect! Go joe-joe!  Well Farley gets it right in the end so perhaps there’s hope.

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Sorry for the delay…

To all of our loyal followers, we apologize.  Yes, it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything “news worthy.”  We are currently in the thick of things standing up a new cluster. Here is are a couple of minor tidbits … Continue reading

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Call For Papers

The 2013 Hadoop Summit is coming up and I’d like to see us presenting a few topics.  From reading this blog.  It sounds like it can be pretty darn competitive to get space at the summit.  They had “2:1 rejection … Continue reading


I Don’t Want the Chains of Vendor Dependence

I sat in a meeting this week and discussed how a certain company could speed up our effectiveness, efficiency and seamlessly integrate with our Hadoop cluster.  As I sat through that meeting the further along I went and the more … Continue reading

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Starting to get excited.

Hardware is arriving soon.  Network infrastructure will be in  place soon.  We’re working with “cool” open source projects.  We got the money.  It’s happening soon. My big part in all of this is making the base platform work so freaking … Continue reading

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