The Ten Commandments of Hadoop (Work In Progress – feel free to edit)

  1. Thy namenode shall always persist (We will have multiple recovery methods)
  2. We accept data as is (Come as you are)
  3. We love and expect metadata (Nothing enters, changes, or exits without metadata)
  4. The family tree will always be maintained.  (We will always keep data lineage, even if the data is dead)
  5. Entry requires data classification
    1. Security/Risk
      1. Personal
      2. Public
      3. Private 
      4. Confidential
      5. HIPAA
      6. etc……
    2. Business/Purpose
      1. Marketing
      2. Inventory
      3. Sales
      4. Security
      5. etc
  6. We will keep the end in mind
    1. Data will be time stamped as it enters
    2. Data will have an expiration estimate
    3. We will bring in as many layers of data as possible
    4. We will make the data extensible
  7. Security is integral to the design
    1. We will create security groups and appropriate controls for each type of data
    2. You will be authenticated and authorized before access is granted
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