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MapR is a better base?

I’ve heard about MapR for a long time and haven’t given it much consideration vs. OSS stacks. I reconsidering my position and conduction some evaluations. Why? MaprFS is a real POSIX File system that runs on Raw devices, not atop … Continue reading

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Working without a net

In a previous post, I mentioned that we’d be using a radically tuned EXT4 FS for our Hadoop DataNodes.  Well we did it.  Then I turned off journaling! It was scary, exciting and it seems to be working pretty well. … Continue reading

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Life on the edge of data node writes

If you’re serious about using Hadoop  you should subscribe to the User Mailing Lists.  They are a great source of insight as to how things are performing, new features and common problems. I’m currently working on a JIRA to clarify documentation … Continue reading

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What is Hadoop anyway?

Just to get this out of the way, Hadoop is more of a grid computing ecosystem than a platform. HDFS is the underlying Cluster Filesystem. It has some unique attributes that allow grid processes to know where data resides within … Continue reading

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