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Silly Rabbit, HMC is for Kids!

I was using HMC 1.0 to install and configure a hadoop test cluster.  I wanted to make some changes to /usr/lib/hadoop/conf because the property that I needed to change is not exposed via Manage Services Map Reduce in HMC.  I tried … Continue reading

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Hadoop is Like A Junk Yard

   Right now Hadoop is like one big junkyard with a bunch of dirty parts.  I know there is everything I need to create my Tesla Coil/Flux Capacitor.  We need to dig deep, get dirty, creative, and break out the blow … Continue reading

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Names or Nicknames? — The raging debate.

While we’re just getting started on this site, the only thing we were concerned about is … should we use our names or cool nicknames?  We want to be entertaining, but we also want to get credit for being the … Continue reading

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What is Hadoop anyway?

Just to get this out of the way, Hadoop is more of a grid computing ecosystem than a platform. HDFS is the underlying Cluster Filesystem. It has some unique attributes that allow grid processes to know where data resides within … Continue reading

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Calculating Bandwidth and Binning Time

I found Michael Baker’s blog here and wanted to summarize it here specifically for the calculating bandwidth part. Start with Packetpig custom loaders that allow you to access specific information in packet captures. There are a number of them but … Continue reading

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Hortonworks HMC

Just say No! Thanks Nancy Regan for this timeless phrase. Hortonworks has many great things going for them; HMC 1.0 is not one of them. It failed to add one of our data nodes to the lab cluster due to … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to our site for Tips, Tweaks and Whines about Big Data and/or Hadoop. Our commentators are opinionated, thoughtful and smart; just ask us.

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