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Experimenting w/ Neo4j

Graph databases are a really neat concept. We’ve started playing with Neo here as we attempt to link customers with visits and actions based on those visits. It seems like a really good fit at first glance. Our challenge is … Continue reading

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Quick Split to Fix data silliness

We have a vendor sending us daily updates on shipping info. We have a well known and defined structure for each type of data and those types map neatly to tables in our database. We have about 9 tables that … Continue reading

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The 3 Pillars of Data Democracy

In order to promote the use of data within the enterprise, we need to provide a collaborative environment which gives people the freedom and incentive to try new things.  This gives everyone the chance to prove great ideas, or at … Continue reading

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HCatalog – Embrace the independence

Codd’s Rule 9: Logical data independence: Changes to the logical level (tables, columns, rows, and so on) must not require a change to an application based on the structure. Logical data independence is more difficult to achieve than physical data … Continue reading

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Thought of the day. Storing Confio detailed data in Hadoop?

If you manage a lot of Oracle, M$SQL, or DB2 – you need to check out Confio. Its an agent-less performance trending tool that will make you’re life much easier.  It tracks every SQL run by user/client machine/sql statement/etc and … Continue reading

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Confessions of a data architect

My name is DataG and I’m a data modeler.  It’s been 6 weeks since my last star-schema. Lets face it.  Codd, Imhoff, Inmon, and Kimball paved the way for almost every data analyst and app-dev professional since the relational model … Continue reading

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