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Insights for Articles from the Hadoop Summit 2013

I just left the Hadoop Summit 2013 so my next series of articles are going to be on some insights I learned.  For this post I’m going to just post a long list of future topics  – let me know … Continue reading

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Cinderella has left the Hadoop Cluster

It’s Friday evening before our Hadoop Administrator leaves for a week of vacation in New Hampshire and about an hour before he leaves he says “it’s turning into a pumpkin in an hour”.  Of course we wanted to go live … Continue reading

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Hadoop Security is a Like Securing a Thousand Doors

As we look to bring private data into Hadoop I find myself imagining the management of thousands of separate doors for individual data elements.  With regulated data this means we’ll need someone going around continuously checking doors to make sure … Continue reading

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Traditional Vendors Don’t “Get” Hadoop

Traditional Vendors Don’t Get Hadoop The Big Data Hype cycle is in full swing and I’m continuously hounded by vendors claiming to have an offering that works with Big Data.  The problem is most of the vendors simply don’t get … Continue reading

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Call For Papers

The 2013 Hadoop Summit is coming up and I’d like to see us presenting a few topics.  From reading this blog.  It sounds like it can be pretty darn competitive to get space at the summit.  They had “2:1 rejection … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want the Chains of Vendor Dependence

I sat in a meeting this week and discussed how a certain company could speed up our effectiveness, efficiency and seamlessly integrate with our Hadoop cluster.  As I sat through that meeting the further along I went and the more … Continue reading

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The Ten Commandments of Hadoop (Work In Progress – feel free to edit)

Thy namenode shall always persist (We will have multiple recovery methods) We accept data as is (Come as you are) We love and expect metadata (Nothing enters, changes, or exits without metadata) The family tree will always be maintained.  (We … Continue reading

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Hadoop is Like A Junk Yard

   Right now Hadoop is like one big junkyard with a bunch of dirty parts.  I know there is everything I need to create my Tesla Coil/Flux Capacitor.  We need to dig deep, get dirty, creative, and break out the blow … Continue reading

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Calculating Bandwidth and Binning Time

I found Michael Baker’s blog here and wanted to summarize it here specifically for the calculating bandwidth part. Start with Packetpig custom loaders that allow you to access specific information in packet captures. There are a number of them but … Continue reading

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